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Ground container transport

A significant part of our transportation makes container shipments in the 20 - and 40-foot Ukrainian containers as well as containers owned by different shipping lines and shippers.

We have the opportunity to rent out empty 20 - and 40-foot containers to our customers to transport freight from European or Ukrainian sea ports to CIS countries destination.

We also work closely with the European companies involved in the purchase, leasing and repair of containers throughout Europe as well as having direct contracts with major container terminals in Europe. In this regard, our customers, depending on the conditions and cost of delivery, always have the option to lease Ukrainian container or use our services for the purchase of its own container.

The advantages of container transport:

  • avoiding cargo handling at border crossings during break-of-gauge;
  • lower cost in comparison with road transport for a long distance forwarding;
  • a significant reduction in delivery time due to the simplified system of customs formalities and a lack of sorting along the route;
  • the possibility to transport small shipments over long distances in a separate medium (3 - and 5-ton) containers;
  • faster and easier loading and unloading operations, thus reducing the total time of delivery;
  • the opportunity to carry the goods of any kind such as industrial equipment, food products, etc.;
  • security and confidentiality of consignments;
  • container tracking.

Depending on cargo type and volume, we always choose for you the most suitable container, namely standard 20ft or 40ft, refrigerated of the same size or high cube container.