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Rail carload shipment

"TransRail Ukraine" provides shipments in railways-owned, private and leased freight cars.

The range of goods to transport in railcars differs, i.e. bulk, oversized, perishable, dangerous, and excisable.

At your request, we supply empty cars by wide gauge to border crossings in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova to be loaded and forwarded to the CIS countries.

To ship cargo to the CIS countries, we are able to arrange for our customers a lease of various types of empty wagons.

When transporting freight in railcars, our company provides the following services:

  • handling of goods from European cars into the CIS track cars;
  • handling of bulk cargo, including grain;
  • sealing cars at the border stations;
  • developing and approving schemes to fasten the cargo which is not covered by the technical conditions of freight loading and securing;
  • weighting goods in wagons of gauge 1435mm, 1520mm accurate to 20kg;
  • handling heavy load, long, oversize goods;
  • processing declaration for transit cargo;
  • escorting and securing goods;
  • sending photos on the status of goods in wagons by e-mail;
  • sending information of freight handling, its dispatch;
  • eco, phyto-sanitary, customs and veterinary inspection.