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Handling of goods

"TransRail Ukraine" LLC provides cargo handling in case of break-of-gauge or when changing transport modes depending on the scheme of transportation. Handling can be performed either directly from one rolling stock to another, or unloading the cargo to terminals for temporary storage with further loading it into another type of rolling stock.

We organize

  • automatic handling
  • manual handling
  • handling of oversize and heavy load cargo under the supervision of qualified experts

Types of handling

  • handling from the wagons of narrow-gauge to the wagons of broad gauge and vice versa;
  • handling from the vehicle into containers, wagons, and vice versa;
  • handling from sea containers to any kind of rolling stock, as well as trucks and vice versa;
  • handling from rolling stock to the ferries or vessels with a further shipment by sea, and vice versa.

If necessary, we will:

  • develop a scheme for loading and securing cargo on the rolling stock and get all necessary approvals at railway station(station of cargo dispatch), all the conditions will be agreed with the railway administrations through which territory the cargo is transported;
  • at the request of a client, involve independent experts - surveyors, who are present during the cargo operations and supervise the loading, mounting, unloading, record the process, carry out pre-shipment inspections to verify compliance with the specifications and descriptions in the transportation documents.

When handling in the ports, we will promptly provide:

  • handling of cargo from one rolling stock to the other (direct option)
  • handling of cargo with its unloading to a terminal for temporary storage and with its further loading into different type of rolling stock.